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As students of life, we're here to learn, not to teach. We believe that if we transparently share our journey's and lessons on a platform as broad as this, then we'll have the ability to reach a wider audience. That ultimately increases the total number of learned and knowledgeable people who can read our posts and share their feedback based on personal experiences. We're humbled by your being here and the feedback will lead to us becoming better versions of ourselves.

 ABOUT THE creator: 

A few years ago somebody asked me to describe myself in three words. Initially, I began to think of adjectives that I thought might fit my personality. Positive. Happy. Energetic. The words that came to mind were accurate, yet extremely vague and generalized. I paused for a moment and said, "Student of Life". Technically, those are three words and the phrase itself describes me. I realized in that moment how annoying the answer might seem, but I stayed determined. I genuinely felt (and still feel) like a student in the art of living within this ecosystem of over 7 billion other human beings. We're all physically here, yet we don't understand exactly how or why. In order for me to live the best possible life that I can, it's vital for me to ask questions and learn and ultimately grow. I'm on a mission to be the best possible version of myself and by creating this blog, I'm putting myself out there so I can be held accountable for my actions.

~Nikhil Dhawan

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