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  • Nikhil Dhawan

Get Out of the Boat and Swim

“Most people are deeply attached to thinking…most people celebrate thought and value their ideas as their most personal property. Thinking is the tool by which they control their own world, both outer and inner. Letting go of thought and entering into mindful silence means dropping the attachment to control of their domain.”

-Ajahn Brahm (Theravada Buddhist Monk)

Students of Living Interpretation:

Is everything we think actually true? What if we’re wrong sometimes (or often)? Our thoughts tend to control our entire universe, but what do we really know for sure? What’s an absolute truth versus a perceived truth?

My boat is my world: my experiences, the things I’ve been exposed to, the comforts and discomforts of what I have witnessed thus far. But it’s narcissistic to assume that my perception and my moral code is an absolute. The moment we get out of the boat and swim, we start to see several others and how the perceptions of those vessels may differ significantly from ours. It’s important not to argue with those opinions, but rather to ask questions and have discussions with all opposing viewers. Not many people have a positive reaction to any sort of aggression. “I’m right and you’re wrong” probably won't solve any issues. Rather, it will most likely worsen the problem.

Asking genuine questions and trying to understand the root of another person’s beliefs, perceptions, and moral codes may actually yield an eye-opening conversation for both parties and ultimately a mutual understanding. Let’s all try swimming more than spending time in our own boats. The world is in a delicate place right now and swimming together in the sea has the potential to improve our state of humanity.

Inspiring commercial that reflects my thoughts:

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