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  • Nikhil Dhawan

Care for Your Mind, Care for Others

"How do you get an empathetic child? You get an empathetic child not by trying to teach the child and admonish the child to be empathetic; you get an empathetic child by being empathetic with the child. The child's understanding of relationships can only be from the relationships he's [sic] experienced."

-L. Alan Sroufe (Child Psychologist)

Students of Living Interpretation:

We are all children of the world, figuring out our lives one day at a time. As individuals, if we expect empathy from friends, family, strangers, etc., then we must be empathetic towards those same people. Life is a cycle of leading by example and the more we put out empathy (or anything for that matter), the more it will come back to us.

We get what we give.

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