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  • Nikhil Dhawan

How I'm Spending My Time

It's a unique time in history; it calls for changed behavior. If someone told us that we'd get a 2-3 week "break" from work or social interactions/obligations, then we'd probably think there'd be a lot of downtime to do a countless number of things. Also, if we knew all sports would get canceled and restaurants/bars would close, we wouldn't believe the extra time on our hands.

Time, arguably our greatest asset, is opening its doors to us - so what should we do with it? In an ideal world, some of us might want to travel or spend time with friends and family. In our current world, that's not the best option; but the asset is there, begging to be used efficiently.

The truth is, these past few weeks, I've caught myself obsessively reading articles and hitting refresh on Google and talking about the same thing over and over with different individuals. I've analyzed and discussed virus pandemics for weeks. All the time that was opening up went directly into trying to understand our current situation. How did we get here? Why weren't we better prepared? Could we, collectively, have done better for our species? Everyone has an opinion, which is excellent, but it would be nice if we started working together to create solutions.

Here's what I'm challenging myself to do: Over the coming days, I'm going to watch myself more carefully, especially in regards to how I spend my time. Am I using it wisely or productively? As I was writing this, my mom called me. She told me something Winston Churchill said during World War II, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." She also mentioned that now is a great time to learn a new language or instrument; plus with the internet, we have access to everything!

If we're self-quarantining or social distancing or avoiding, then we probably have extra time on our hands that we can use creatively. I'm looking at this on a micro-level, rather than macro. If we, individually, are more aware of how we spend our time and consciously try to use some of this newfound "free" time productively, then we can improve the quality of our lives. For every person that spends their time more wisely, the more our collective society evolves and matures.

I'm challenging myself starting today by taking the time to brain dump, which yielded writing this piece. I've also signed up for two online classes and a workbook. (I started one in November and the other in February but have been procrastinating!) The first program is AMN or Applied Movement Neurology because I'd like to better understand the human brain and our bodies' functionality relating to the brain. The second, called MoveU, is a program in which I'm learning how to properly move the body in the way it was designed to be. Their motto is "Fix Yo Shit," and since I've always had injuries that I neglected, now is my chance to improve my mobility and alignment further. The workbook is called "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron, it's a 12-week course designed to unblock creativity.

If you want to join me, think about something you've been meaning to try or learn or spend time on, then challenge yourself to be aware of how you spend your time in the coming days.

If you need help coming up with ideas with what to do with your spare time, I have brilliant friends connecting free-lancers to host online classes for those willing to learn; the options are endless.

If you'd like to be held accountable or share what you're working on, I'd love to hear from you and be a part of your journey.


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